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About Sherry Delorme

Welcome to my website.  I look forward to putting my experience and the vast resources of United Northern Mortgage Bankers, Ltd. to work for you!

Buying your new home is a huge financial commitment, so finding the best mortgage is critical.  Making the right choice can literally save you thousands of dollars.

I have over 18 years experience helping my clients make that choice.  I am proud of my ability to match clients with the best possible home loan program...at the lowest possible interest rate.  My reputation for working closely with clients, being available 24/7 and always closing deals on time is well earned. 

I work hard to avoid problems before they arise and have developed a short list of do's and don't that can make all the difference in a successful mortgage closing:

  • DO stay current on your existing credit accounts.  Pay bills on time!
  • DON"T apply for new credit or increase current credit lines.  Avoid major purchases.
  • DO gather together your important financial documents: paystubs, tax returns, account statements, etc.
  • DON'T move money around; changing banks or transferring assets raises red flags.
  • DO schedule a meeting with your mortgage adviser early in the process.  Fixing problems now can mean lower interest rates later.
  • DON'T fall for come-on mortgage ads that promise impossibly low rates.

When not in the office, my husband and I are active members of the community in Saddlebrook, NJ.  , I enjoy tennis, painting and poetry.  I am also fluent in Spanish. 

Thank you for reading my profile.  I wish you well with your home search and please feel free to call with any questions about morgage programs or rates.  I'd love to talk with you.  I am based out of our Elmwood Park, NJ branch but meet many of my clients outside the office for their convenience.

Customer Testimonials

Sherry, Nicole, and Norma,

 I wanted to offer you my sincerest thanks for all of your hard work in making my dream to own a condo a reality. I know that it was a difficult file and appreciate your patience, swiftness, and diligence throughout the mortgage process. 

If there is anything that I can offer, such as a review, please let me know!


Lola O, Certified Athletic Trainer


"Sherry is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She and her team are very knowledgeable and work very hard to get you into your home at the best rate possible.  She has an abundance of expertise and experience, and I highly recommend working with her." ~krphillips84

"Nothing was hidden, exactly what she told me on day one is what I saw ont the closing day.  If I buy 10 more homes, I will always go back to her.  She is always willing to help with no pressure to close the deal.  Thank you Sherry for everything you've done for me, my family and friends."  ~richardspaul48

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Sherry DeLorme, Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator / Branch Manager
United Northern Mortgage Bankers Limited
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